What an arm sleeve tattoo is?

First, We need to understand the background of tattoo before getting in to tattoo arm sleeves, so lets see background of tattoo.

Tattoo Background

Tattoos have become a very popular trend among people of all ages, races, and gender during the 20th and 21st centuries. However, tattoos have a long and interesting history.

People all over the world from many different cultures have been practicing the art of tattooing for centuries. Certain indigenous people of Japan tattooed each other’s faces.

Tribes in New Zealand, Nigeria, Turkey, Taiwan, and Polynesia have also had forms of facial tattoos. In fact, tattooing dates back to the New Stone Age or Neolithic period in Eurasia.

These early tattoos consisted of simple dots and lines made from carbon. In contrast to typical modern tattoos, the ones found of some specimens of this early time period are believed to have been done for some type of medical or healing reason. In addition to this, some mummies from Egypt, dating back to the second millennium BC have been found to have tattoos on their bodies.

The American Academy of Dermatology recognizes five different types of tattoos.

First, traumatic tattoos, also called natural tattoos, are often the result of some kind of accident. For example, if coal dust or gun powder gets into a wound and causes some type of scarring.
Next, amateur and professional tattoos are used for a wide variety of things throughout different cultures. Some of these tattoos are used for “rights of passage” in various cultures or religions. These are also the type of tattoos that are done in modern culture and used to identify with certain groups, ideas, and memories by all sorts of people. Most arm sleeve tattoos designs fall into this category.
Unfortunately, identification tattoos are most often linked with people being forcibly tattooed. For example, Nazis tattooed victims of the Holocaust with a number mark on their arm.
Cosmetic tattoos are a form of permanent makeup that is used to enhance various facial features.
Finally, medical tattoos are used to help physicians properly perform different types of surgeries and procedures.
Tattoos in the modern culture invoke a number of different associations with different groups of people. Some cultures and individuals within cultures have very strong negative associations with tattoos. For example, certain tattoos are linked to criminal gangs and prisoners in the United States particularly.

On the other hand, certain tattoos have long been correlated with different branches and divisions of the US military and are therefore respected or honored. These associations are different from country to country and culture to culture, regardless, tattoos have an influence in modern society.

Tattoo Arm sleeves

Have you been wondering what an arm sleeve tattoo is? Or, whether or not it is right for you? Read on to find out all you need to know about arm sleeve tattoos, their designs, and a few pictures to give you ideas for your next tattoo.

A tattoo that covers a portion of the arm that could be covered by the sleeve of a shirt is called an arm sleeve tattoo. Arm sleeve tattoos may be full sleeve, half sleeve or quarter sleeve. A full sleeve tattoo starts at the shoulder blade and goes all the way up to the wrist.

There are typically two ways of going about getting an arm sleeve tattoo. For many people, it all begins with a single tattoo. The upper arm is one of the most common places to get a tattoo. But, once people get the first tattoo, some of them tend to get addicted to it.

The combination of pain and art is very satisfying in a very primitive kind of way and many people find the process of getting a tattoo highly addictive. After the first tattoo, some people tend to get other individual tattoos on their arm until their arm is almost filled with tattoos. At this point, they often come up with a unifying design or theme that can connect all the tattoos and create an entire full arm sleeve tattoo.

The other way of going about getting an arm sleeve tattoo is by planning a sleeve tattoo right from the beginning. You will first need to decide whether you want a quarter, half or full arm sleeve tattoo. Then you will have to find a design you like or you may want to even create your design that will cover your arm in a meaningful theme.

The design not only has to look attractive, but also has to be meaningful in a personal way, since arm sleeve tattoos reflects a part of your personality and you will want to choose the design with care. Also, you will have to be prepared to commit large amounts of time (and pain!) to complete your arm sleeve tattoo.

It is good to consider some of the most popular arm sleeve tattoos before you embark on your own tattoo project. While it does not mean that you have to get a tattoo of a popular design, but it will help you come up with a design that you like. Here are some of the most popular arm sleeve tattoo designs from around the world.

· Flame Tattoo Sleeves

· Tribal Tattoo Sleeves

· Celtic Knot Work Tattoo Sleeves

· Floral Pattern Tattoo Sleeves

· Traditional Japanese Tattoo Sleeves

You can get an arm sleeve tattoo in the classic black color, or you can choose to have it inked in many different colors. Be sure to look around this site for arm sleeve tattoo ideas and designs. Good luck!

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