Cyber Monday Discounts: How To Optimize Your Online Store & Attract Shoppers

There are a lot of resources for shoppers who want to take advantage of all the Cyber Monday discounts out there – but very few for actual eCommerce store owners who want to do the very opposite thing – attract traffic to their online store.

If you are an owner of an online store, you should know that Cyber Monday is your best chance to shine and make most of every visitor. By offering irresistible Cyber Monday discounts, you can easily get recognized. And while the profits may be lower than usual just because you dropped your margins and offered discounts, it will all pay over the long run with repeat visits from these exact customers.

Optimizing your Online Store For The Best User Experience

The following steps will help you take advantage of the Cyber Monday deals and optimize your store for the greatest user experience:

  • Start with your website and page loading speed and see if your hosting is able to carry multiple visits from different locations, providing great uptime and speed in loading pages
  • Continue with your promotional materials how great are your visuals and graphic banners? It is very important for every store to have attractive and nicely designed banners promoting its Cyber Monday discounts.
  • Consider the diversity of products There are many different shoppers out there, and offering them the same types of Cyber Monday discounts for the same category of products is not actually thinking out of the box. Instead, make sure to offer more diverse products tailored to different needs and audiences.
  • Check if the buying process is smooth No user wants to be bothered or tricked into buying something. So, make sure to optimize your checkout pages accordingly and show everyone how simple it is to shop from you.
  • Configure your auto-responder Every order that arrives should be followed by an email sent to the customer with a confirmation code and a personal note that can be configured into something like ‘Thanks for taking part in our Cyber Monday discounts!’
  • Make sure you can handle demand The demand of products for Cyber Monday is huge – so make sure you got what it takes and double-check everything with your couriers and suppliers.

Ready For Massive Traffic?

If you are still thinking of how to get noticed, it is enough to offer some irresistible deals and promote them on social media. One way or another, the customers will notice and run their word-of-mouth marketing in order to promote them for you.

We hope these tips helped you make most of your store optimization this Cyber Monday!